Robotron: Reloaded

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Robotron: Reloaded was my entry for Ludum Dare 37. The game is a fan-sequel to Robotron 2084. The game was put together during a weekend with the initial concept, additional level design, and playtesting from Chase Michael. Zack Menzie and Evan "Pubert" Burke were on the Skype call as well, which is why they're credited on the title screen.

The game takes diverges pretty heavily from 2048 in that it is much more puzzle-oriented and methodical-- the goal I set out was to combine the Armor Games-ish Flash style of leveling up with money, and a classic arcade game. Robotron 2048 always seemed to me like an epilepsy-inducing clusterfuck (or "visual feast" to put it generously) so slowing things down a lot makes the game a lot more enjoyable IMO. I really had only played the original years ago, so most of the enemies in the game are recreated from their description in an arcade manual PDF I found online, and as a result this is a pretty loose sequel.

This was the first Ludum game where I composed the music myself, and the song is one of the few I've ever made that actually sound kinda good. It got rated #18/2389 and the people in the comments liked it so I guess my life is complete.

Download the game!


RReloadTitle.png RReloadGame1-revised.jpeg RReloadGame2.png RReloadGame3.png