Robotron: Reloaded

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Robotron: Reloaded was my entry for Ludum Dare 37. The game is a fan-sequel to Robotron 2084. Duran was scheduled to work during the LD so this was a solo entry.

The game takes diverges pretty heavily from 2048 in that it is much more puzzle-oriented and methodical-- the goal I set out was to combine the Armor Games-ish Flash style of leveling up with money, and a classic arcade game. Robotron 2048 always seemed to me like an epilepsy-inducing clusterfuck (or "visual feast" to put it generously) so slowing things down a lot makes the game a lot more enjoyable IMO. I really had only played the original years ago, so most of the enemies in the game are recreated from their description in an arcade manual PDF I found online, and as a result this is a pretty loose sequel.

This was the first Ludum game where I composed the music myself, and the song is one of the few I've ever made that actually sound kinda good. It got rated #18/2389 and the people in the comments liked it so I guess my life is complete.

Download the game!


RReloadTitle.png RReloadGame1-revised.jpeg RReloadGame2.png RReloadGame3.png