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The Supercool Nameinator was a Reddit bot I wrote in Elixir. At the time, I was just getting into Elixir and wanted to see if I could make something nontrivial in it. After discovering Rob-Bie's ElixirPlusReddit, I knew what I had to do.


The bot goes on Reddit and continuously scours every comment posted, and analyzes to see if any of them have "acronyms" in them. An acronym to the nameinator just means any series of words that all start with capital letters. Any time it finds one of these comments, it extracts the "definition" of this acronym and stores it in a local Mnesia database. Simultaneously while it's parsing comments for acronyms, it also parses for "usages," i.e. a single word with all capital letters. When it finds one of these, and there's an associated entry in the database, it responds with a comment with the definition. Obviously it's not suited for accurate definition of acronyms, but I ran it on AskReddit for a few days anyway. The citizens of Reddit didn't seem to enjoy it that much but I got a kick out of it. Check out its postings here.

The name "Supercool Nameinator" comes from an episode of Kids Next Door I saw as a kid where there's a program called the Supercool Nameinator that generates these phony definitions for acronyms.


The Supercool Nameinator computer