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Work-It! was a game Chase Michael and I put together in the Summer of 2013 for the No Future Contest hosted by Oujevipo, a French art group. The prize was a couple thousand Euros and a chance to get your game put in an actual arcade cabinet at an art exhibit in France, which sounded awesome. The one "theme phrase" they gave out was "Au travail!" which would be properly translated as "Off to work!" Oujevipo's site translated it as "Work It!" which I guess I thought was funny enough to make the title of the game. Looking back, we shot for the wrong objective and made a very American multiplayer fighting game, while I'm fairly sure they were looking for indie art games. At any rate, a game about buttfucking got its own arcade cabinet and we didn't.

A really cool French-Canadian woman on Imgur, Angeline Allaire, translated all the text of the game to French. I can't seem to find her on the net anymore but she rocks!

Anyway, the game is sort of a take on Super Smash Bros, but without the wacky physics that makes those games fun. You can play multiplayer matches with just one keyboard though, and it's pretty fun when you have 4 players duking it all out on one keyboard. The game features a similar graphical style to DigQuest, due to how acceptable the graphics can turn out with very little skill. Like DigQuest, all graphics were drawn in 64Pixels.

Will add a download link later.

Screenshots / video